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What makes a really good scientist?

I got invited to be a member of a judging panel for a science award aimed at groups of year 7-9 (13-15 year old) students the other day. It was a very inspiring event. The students had to come up with an every day problem that was relevant to their […]

Never-ending story

One important aspect of scientific research is that no project is ever going to be ‘complete’. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. If you enjoy the feeling of closure, then it’s very unlikely that you’ll get it. It makes things very difficult for a researcher, […]

Do you need a LinkedIn profile?

On the rare occasions that people ask me directly for career advice, I get asked the above quite a bit. Maybe they’re undergraduate students that I’m teaching, or maybe it’s former lab members who are finishing up with their Ph. Ds? Either way, for people who are about to step […]