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Post Ph. D hobbies part 1

Especially since many of us are working from home, or self-isolating, I thought I’d post short pics of my random hobbies again. Today I managed to find some Bread flour, so I’m going to set the bread machine to bake raisin bread tomorrow morning! 🍞 Fun fact: we actually do […]


This past weekend was probably the first weekend in a little over four years, where I didn’t have any lingering work activities to do (or think about). It was really weird. I even managed to find some bread flour, so I can finally get on with my post-Ph. D baking […]

Second manuscript is accepted!

What a fast turnaround! We re-submitted our manuscript after addressing all the reviewer comments, and an email came back overnight to say the paper’s been accepted for publication with Infection and Immunity! So that’s the final publication arising from my Ph. D work. It’s been a long time coming, but […]

Second manuscript re-submitted!

Some of you may have been following my posts regarding my second manuscript. I’ve been doing experiments this year to address the comments we got back from our reviewers, and it’s been a tedious endeavour but we’ve finally compiled everything (additional new text, new figures) and sent it back to […]


I’ve finally submitted my Ph.D Thesis for examination!!! *cue party music* This means I’m one step closer to obtaining my Ph. D and becoming a Doctor (but not that kind of Doctor). I wrote about what’s next for the Thesis in a previous post. Hopefully my Thesis gets examined and […]

My last westerns?

I’ve written before about western blots (I’ve written an overview here), but as I was running what may become my last protein gel, I thought I’d just document it and write a lengthier post on them. So as I’ve written before, we use western blots to visualise proteins. I’m currently […]

Nearly submission time…

One week left until the submission deadline for my Ph. D thesis! Thankfully I’m at the stage now where I’m just looking for spelling/grammatical/punctuation errors. All the major comments from both of my supervisors have been addressed, all my figures have been finalised… It’s a good place to be. So […]

General update

Where did February go?? January wasn’t too bad but February has been intense. Since my last official update, I’ve progressed through my cloning woes to get two of my plasmids, plasmid #8 and #9. Plasmid #2 is being a pain, so I haven’t got the green insert in yet. But- […]

I’m still alive!

It’s been over two weeks since my last post, so I thought I’ll just write a short update just to say I’m still alive and trying to finish up with my thesis and such. I’ll post a longer update on the weekend! I also started trying to jog, as a […]

The clone woes (part 2)

Part 2 of the clone woes (as I’ve dubbed it) is the current update on what’s happening. Just as a reminder from part 1, I’m currently trying to clone three different plasmids. Due to some technical issues involving the restriction enzyme EcoRI, I’ve had to revise my strategy. I got […]