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Science = team effort

Just because someone is a scientific researcher, doesn’t mean they know about every scientific field under the sun. Seems a given- especially when you’re in the thick of it- but I guess you forget that most people don’t really know that’s how things work. If you watch TV shows or […]

That time of year again

I definitely don’t miss exams, but while the rest of the University student cohort are in a state of misery, there’s also a lot that are trying to figure out what to do next. So, for those that missed it, these are some previous posts of mine that may help […]

Westerns continued

I’ve upgraded my system to Falcon tubes and rollers now. Each tube contains two strips of western blots- they just have different strains of bacteria on each, but I’m looking for the same specific protein across all of them, so they can be in the same tube. Either way, it’s […]

Westerns, westerns, westerns

Nope, not those kinds of westerns. THESE kinds of westerns are for looking at proteins! Technically they’re called western blots. There’s also such things as northern blots, southern blots, and eastern blots, but I’ve never done them myself. Western blots like these ones let me see specific proteins of interest […]

Moth infections, and on naming things.

Did more infections in the Galleria yesterday for a collaboration. Sometimes you’ll gain skills in your Ph. D that will help someone else’s work, so you end up spending a lot of time teaching other people or doing experiments for other people because you have an expertise in something specific. […]

Infection day…

Just another round of moth infections… I’ve had to separate them into individual wells after infection, because I discovered during the early days that they will cannibalise each other when hungry. 😱 Today I’m just infecting then with different strains of my bacteria. Some are mutants, and don’t make a […]