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Infection day…

Just another round of moth infections… I’ve had to separate them into individual wells after infection, because I discovered during the early days that they will cannibalise each other when hungry. 😱 Today I’m just infecting then with different strains of my bacteria. Some are mutants, and don’t make a […]

A short interlude

One of the cool things about my research institute is that there is a biennial graduate student retreat, run by the postgraduate student committee. While we’re also listening to talks from fellow students, it’s also a nice chance to network and have a break from the lab. Also a great […]

Lab Hierarchy

If asked, I will say I “work” in a lab, even though I’m just a student. I’m “studying”, but I do experiments and try to publish papers. It’s like an apprenticeship. You’re still a wee baby, but you’re also working at the same time. But, while I’m not actually employed […]


Been a bit MIA of late while I’ve been writing a scientific paper for publication… But I’ve also been procrastinating by adopting new hobbies! For instance… Turns out, all these years of upping my dexterity game has paid off big time when it comes to DIY miniature houses! I’ve always […]

Scientific conferences *dramatic music*

If you’ve been reading my latest posts, you’ll see that I’m attending a scientific conference at the moment.Buuuuut… what is a scientific conference? I remember they were pretty mysterious when I was an undergraduate student, so this is an explanation of what it is, and how I spend my conferences […]

Conference time!

I’m off interstate to attend a scientific conference. ✈️ I’ll do a post later about what it’s like to attend a scientific conference as a Ph. D student, but in the mean time, please enjoy a photo of a Panda that encapsulated the Sunday arvo feels so eloquently. (Yes, I […]


Bacteria need food too, just like we do. Some bacteria don’t require much. Give them your basic, bare minimum foods (carbs, proteins/amino acids, salts, etc) and they’ll grow happily. Most bacteria we use in the lab like growing at 37 degrees (our average body temp) under normal atmospheric conditions… And […]