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I suppose it’s a compliment?

I just realised that my figure depicting the intracellular infection cycle of my Honours/Ph. D bug, Coxiella burnetii, has actually been stolen and used in other websites. πŸ˜‚

I guess this is why people watermark their work. I’ll be careful to do this from now on.


If anyone sees the above figure without the watermark that isn’t on this blog, then it’s been stolen and should in fact be credited back to me. I drew it in 2019 for my talk at the Australian Society for Microbiology conference in Adelaide. πŸ˜… There’s nothing wrong with using this as inspiration to draw your own figures, but there’s an issue if you outright copy paste it for your own stuff without citing/sourcing me. That’s just basic academic process! πŸ™„

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A Ph. D graduate in Microbiology, residing in Victoria, Australia. Currently working in multiple locations but still in the STEM field. πŸ‘€ 🦠 🧫 🧬

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