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Summer garden update 2022 🌱

Well, as predicted, it’s been a very mild summer thus far.

I’m not complaining- I hate warm weather, so this is great. 😂

So far the heirloom tomatoes I planted are growing like crazy.

No 🍅 as of yet, though.

You can see strawberry plants either side, but so far that’s been the only produce. I’ve eaten a number of small but juicy and sweet 🍓. Nothing like the shop stuff, as always.

And this year I thought I’d give chilli a go. 🌶

Which is going very well.

Except, I’m not very good with chilli. 😂 I’m not particularly great with spicy things, so these bird’s eyes will have to be consumed very carefully. 😅

They’re very cute though. 🥰

And then there’s the capsicums.

The two either side of the wee seedling are red capsicums.

Which are starting to flower. Again, it’s been a very mild summer, so I think that’s why they’re taking so long to take off. 😅

And the wee little one is one I purchased today. It’s supposed to be mini yellow capsicums.

Hopefully with the lack of tomatoes in the same bed, I’ll get more capsicums this summer. Last year the tomatoes just completely took over and the capsicum plants didn’t get any sunlight whatsoever- which… if you’re a vampire, it’s great.

But for capsicums, not so much.

So fingers crossed that this year’s lot will do better.


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