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Aquarium 2.0

So I made a post back in July about upgrading the fish tank. The old tank was a 29L and the new one is 76L (a sizeable jump).

There are fish in there- they’re just a bit hard to spot. 😅 There’s Hoover the sucking catfish (Chinese algae eater), Gary the mystery snail, and then six Danios (4F 2M) lurking around.

But this pretty much meant that there was an empty 29L sitting around. I thought about giving it away, or leaving it as a quarantine tank for when the fish got sick, but it still seemed a shame to just have it sitting there on standby…

So I started planting things in there.

And added more decor.

And then noticed that the decor was getting fuzzy and dirty, so I hired a cleaner…

Whose name is Larry.

And then I decided that I wanted a solo fish (due to the size of the tank), and thought about a relatively simple fish species that doesn’t typically need tank mates…

So, this is Germaine.

Don’t worry- the tank is now a tropical tank that’s at least 24+ degrees. I know you’re not supposed to keep them in colder temperatures.

There’s some curiosity there towards Larry ‘the moving rock’, but hopefully there won’t be any nipping and biting going on. 😅

I’m hoping the fact that Germaine popped out from under the fake plant and swam up towards me as I approached the tanks of Betta at the shops might be a sign he likes me. 😂

But hopefully this is it for fish purchases for the next few years. 🤞🏼

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