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What season is it again? 😅

So, apparently it’s supposed to be late spring- soon to be early summer…

But this is Victoria we’re talking about, so between the sub zero temperatures last week, the pelting rain and severe winds, then the 25+ degree sunshine that followed…

I’m not entirely sure what season it’s supposed to be.

And neither are my plants. 😅

We got to enjoy eating a tonne of fresh snow peas this year. Many went to friends and family as my partner and I couldn’t keep up with the sheer number of produce. 😵‍💫

Some shady bags of green stuff were passed around at work. 😂

And then I was feeling particularly organised this year, so I bought some seeds for tomatoes, and took some time lapse photos over the course of 48 hours…

That’s the first 24 hours alone…

Once they’re out, they’re quite quick to get all their leaves out and start photosynthesising! It’s quite fun to watch.

Eventually the peas began to wilt and die, so I decided to uproot everything and start planting the summer crop.

But then the severe winds and ice cold weather started to hit. My poor maple kept getting knocked over, so my partner decided to reinforce the pot…

Not bad for 30 minutes worth of work!

More dreary weather followed…

And unfortunately one of the capsicums didn’t make it. It was seriously sitting at around 0 degrees outside for a week or so after planting. Capsicums aren’t supposed to be out in that kind of weather. 😅

But on the plus side, a good friend of mine gifted me a very lovely ceramic planter pot as a belated (thanks covid) birthday present.

So I decided to get what’ll hopefully be the last indoor plant for a very long time…

I can already see some new leaves growing on it, so hopefully that’s a sign that the plant isn’t dying.

And this is the garden as of this morning.

The giant tufts are the cornflowers. I’m hoping I’ll get blue flowers soon.

Here’s hoping these capsicums survive… you can see the poor yellow one’s husk. 😅🥲

And then the tomato seedlings. I gave all the other ones away to friends and family. They look a bit sad but it’s just the shock from being transplanted in such wild weather. It should recover slowly soon enough.

Provided they don’t get eaten by the snails 🐌

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