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Late spring garden update 2021

Well, it’s almost November (and the end of the year).

Where did the year go?? 😱

Since my previous garden post, the snow peas have gone crazy…

These photos are a few weeks old now, so you can imagine how big they are now
Some sugar snaps mixed in there as well

And the broccoli have sort of mostly bolted. There’s still some edible stalks left, but the weather’s been so unstable (typical) that it’s flowering before I can get to it.

The second garden bed is also moving along, although the ‘forget me not’ seeds never germinated.

I’ve just thrown in some plants that I needed to ‘hide’ during a property inspection 😅 but I’m hoping it’ll be herbs and flowers mostly. Possibly a chilli 🌶 over summer.

We recently went to the Garden of St Erth for a weekend drive. My partner had never been, so it was nice to show him around. I was initially introduced to the place by another blogger (my old high school teacher) waaaay back in 2007. I have fond memories of playing tag with the class, then doing an epic stack/butt slide along one of the muddier paths while I was attempting to run away. Those that visit the place would know that it has excellent terrain for tag. Might not want to do it when there’s other people around, though.

And because we’re all wearing masks outside, I was able to blend in perfectly and enjoy the pollen filled sunshine without sneezing. Masks work very well against hay fever. 😷

But obviously there’s no such thing as going home empty handed from a nursery, so we bought some stuff.

I got tomato seeds (mostly). 🍅

They’re just starting to germinate now…

Hopefully they grow well because they’re both weird heirloom varieties that you won’t find in the shops. I’ve never grown them myself, so I look forward to posting more about them with photos in the summer.

My partner got a couple tree saplings and a mulberry. Given he generally hates berries, I was very surprised to see he likes one. Just one.

There’s an English Oak and a Japanese Zelkova as well

And then some additional photos from around the house today.


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