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Spring 2021 garden update 🌱

Why hello there 🦎

We actually got some warm weather for the first week of September/spring, so we got to see some wee lizards poking their heads out from the garden beds. Unfortunately we’ll be back to cold, wet and somewhat miserable (I say somewhat, because I actually like rain) weather next week, but it was nice while it lasted. 😅 #VicWeather

Unfortunately for me, though, it’s also once again that time of the year when I’m generally suffocating and feeling miserable 🤧 I think my favourite time of the year will always be autumn, when the air is beginning to chill but you still have the sunny days.

Now it’s just…

While I await my impending doom from pollen overload. 😵‍💫

Speaking of impending doom, I’m just feeling really overwhelmed and defeated as the case numbers increase in Melbourne and the general mood shifts from, ‘let’s get case numbers down’ to ‘let’s all just rely on vaccination’.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% for vaccination (if that wasn’t clear), and I understand that driving cases down to zero is now becoming unrealistic.

I’m just sick of people debating about what the best steps are when some of us are fully vaccinated, while others are not as fortunate. There are still plenty of people in Australia who are yet to receive their first dose, let alone their second- not because they don’t want to, but because there just hasn’t been enough doses and bookings available until now for the younger (below 40) age groups. I’ve just been inundated with vaccinated people talking about workplaces that push them to return to pre-COVID work levels, increasing the risk of them catching COVID, without even accepting that some of them have families who are yet to be fully vaccinated. In the end it comes down to workplace cultures and what the top thinks of their workforce. And when you hear of workplaces that don’t care about their employees as… people

It’s all just… it’s too much.

It’s not that I’m naive, in that I didn’t think such things would happen. I know life isn’t fair, and there are a lot of injustices and a general lack of compassion in the more corporate world. It’s just at the moment, there’s a lot of it. People are exhausted and stressed, which make them more likely to lash out or be short with one another. There’s a lot of bitterness and resentment going around,

And I’m just getting exhausted and frustrated by it all, to a point where I just feel so sad for everyone. I want to help make things better, but everything is out of my control, and I feel very useless as I see so much misery out there.

So I’ve been trying to focus on other things while I sit here…

In my ball of anxiety

I prepared another garden bed, which currently has some seeds sown for some flowers, alongside a transplanted thyme and a feijoa seedling…

And I finally have some snow peas, which I’m very much looking forward to devouring…

Good thing there’s heaps.

And we’ve been picking at the broccoli/ni when available.

Although unfortunately the house (which we are renting) has just gone to market, so depending on who buys the property we may or may not need to move out.

Everything just happens all at once, doesn’t it? 😂

Obviously I can only speak for myself, and some people may read this post and think, ‘the fuck are you complaining about (get over it)?’

But I mean- come on, each individual can only take so much bad news before they go-

I want to run away and live in a cottage far, far away.

And be a hermit.

So I guess, before you make any negative remarks towards someone for expressing their concerns, think to yourself…

Maybe I could just send a cute cat GIF instead?

Or better yet, maybe just don’t dismiss what is to them a genuine concern/fear.

Just be more kind to others. Please.

It takes so little effort.


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