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Autumn garden 🌱 🍅 🫑

It’s been a while since I’ve written about my garden beds. With the temperatures quickly dropping (particularly where I am now, which tends to be colder than Melbourne), I decided to remove some of the remaining tomatoes and start on the autumn crop.

Tomato season wasn’t the best this year. The weather’s been significantly cooler over the summer, so it just hasn’t ripened quite as well as I’d like, but- in saying that, though, we’ve picked a fair amount.

Some prawn 🦐 🍝 using the tomatoes from the garden 🍅

So yes, it’s been pretty tasty (and sweet!) all around, but I’m pretty keen on getting my autumn crop going, so I got out this afternoon and got to work.


And after some heaving and snipping with secateurs…

I added a tray of worm castings from my worm farm, alongside charcoal from our outdoor wood stove. You might be able to see them (or at least all the broken egg shells) if you zoom in. I’ve left the capsicums for now as they’re still quite green and there’s still quite a few green capsicums on them.


The green tomatoes can sit on a window sill in the sun- they’ll ripen over time. I’m looking forward to making vats of passata, or some chili, or maybe Indian curries. They definitely won’t be wasted.

The newly refurbished garden bed will have sugar snap peas and broccoli in them. I’ve sown seeds now so hopefully I’ll see something pop up in a few weeks time. I’ve left the tomato and capsicums in the other garden bed, too. I’ll pull it all out when it gets cooler.

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