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Fish update 🐟

Well, I couldn’t wait any longer. The water quality hadn’t changed in a week, Miele the Hoover fish was looking a bit bored and scared of our presence, so we decided to just get more friends.

They’re your standard Leopard Danios (as opposed to the Zebra ones, which are striped), and they’re quite the active swimmers. They make for great viewing if you’ve got nothing else better to do… Just staring at them while they swim around the environment inside the tank.

They’re a bit hard to tell apart, so I’m not sure whether we’re going to be able to name them as individuals. I’m thinking of a Trio kind of name (The Three Musketeers?), but I’ll just wait until I can actually tell them apart.

We were a bit worried initially because the catfish didn’t seem to like having these new fish loitering around, but after a few hours it seems to have given up and was quite peacefully mowing the substrate down alongside the Danios. 😅 Funnily enough, when we went to buy the Danios today, they were in the same tank as Sucking Catfish. Turns out I chose companion fish pretty well. 😂

We also got an air pump, so that we could add some oxygen and additional water flow to the tank.

Apparently the added oxygen helps the fish breathe even on the warmer days (warm water = less dissolved oxygen), and the added flow will let the Danios swim against the current, which they seem to enjoy doing a lot. I’ve seen them dive head first into the bubbles and swim for a good few seconds over and over again.

I’ll continue to monitor the water quality in the coming days, just to make sure the system isn’t crashing- mostly checking the ammonia/um levels to make sure that it doesn’t spike or anything.

I’d like to get more driftwood, too, just to add a bit more surface area for the fish to nom on. The local Petstock had run out of the more gnarly looking ones, so I might try some other places.

In the mean time, I’m just gonna continue staring at these ones.


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