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🌱 #3 (and some cool ☁️)

So, I noticed last week that the plants were getting a little burnt in the hot Australian sun. Even ‘full sun’ plants can struggle a little, especially when they’re seedlings.

So I had a bit of a Google for what I could do for them, and I asked my carpenter partner to make some sort of shade cloth for the garden beds.

After a short Bunnings/hardware store trip last Saturday, followed by a second trip on Sunday morning to get timber (Bunnings didn’t have any good ones to use at the time), by Sunday evening, I had the above. They’re not fixed to the frame, so I can remove it during winter. They’re also adjustable, so I can lower it to about 30cm above the bed frame, to just the top.

Did I mention it’s really handy, living with a carpenter??

The plants are doing a whole lot better now. The larger tomato plant has flower buds already. 🥰 The tomatoes are all heirlooms, too, so I look forward to keeping the seeds and sowing them again next year.

And to finish off, check out these ☁️☁️☁️!!

Apparently they’re called mammatus clouds, which means they’ll forever be referred to as booby clouds by yours truly. Because I am very mature.

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A Ph. D graduate in Microbiology, residing in Victoria, Australia. Currently working in multiple locations but still in the STEM field. 👀 🦠 🧫 🧬

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  1. OH, a carpenter in the family would be lovely! My dad was mine, and although he taught me lots, I’m struggling with my new berry bed toppers! Very innovative solution you came up with and I admire your tall beds.

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    1. Thank you! I’d love to take credit for it but the design was entirely on my partner. 😂 I basically made some requests on the practicality of it (i.e. what I wanted it to do), and they just ran with it. Same with the garden beds.


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