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Under Attack!

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been doing some more gardening lately to pass the time (gotta get my daily vegetable intake!).

But I made a grim discovery a couple weeks ago where I’d noticed that my poor sugar snap pea seedlings were being nom-ed upon by something (photo too graphic to show).

We get all sorts of wildlife around here in suburban Melbourne, so it could be a number of culprits.

Coronavirus: Rats are on the rise as COVID-19 shutdowns cuts their ...
The most likely scenario is that it was a rat. (Google images)
Australian Brushtail Possum
But it could also have been one of these cheeky bastards. (Google images)
Common Ringtail Possum (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) | Common R… | Flickr
We also get the ringtail variety as well. (Google images)
Humans harming Victoria's fruit bats in record numbers | Herald Sun
… This would be unlikely- but we do have them here, too! They like the fruiting trees along the nature strip. (Google images)

Either way, I thought I’d try to show a little more ingenuity and bought some bird netting to shroud the pots that had vegetables. So far so good.

A view through the wires

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