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A pretty average amount of autumn sunshine for Victoria. 🍂 🍁

This past weekend was probably the first weekend in a little over four years, where I didn’t have any lingering work activities to do (or think about). It was really weird.

Much flowers 💐

I even managed to find some bread flour, so I can finally get on with my post-Ph. D baking unwind sesh. 🍞 First on the menu is raisin toast with some honey and cinnamon.

But it was also the first time in quite a while where I was out socialising with people outside of my research institute, and I was struck by how much misinformation there is about COVID-19. With schools now set to close from Tuesday (and who knows what else will be decided in the next 24 hours), I hope people are wary of where they get their information from (please don’t rely on anecdotes from people on social media).

These are very strange times, and many people are very scared of what might happen next. I hope that everyone, at the very least, thinks about others- the most vulnerable in their community, and willingly lend a hand to help out. I feel for those who aren’t quite as mobile, who are immunocompromised, or don’t have the resources to tackle this pandemic.

So long as I have internet access, I’m always happy to chat. If you’re in isolation and feeling a little lonely, feel free to leave a comment, or for immediate friends, shoot me a message. With my Thesis and such done, I have more time now to actually have a social life. I might not be able to get to you in person, but I’m always happy to talk shit and send memes.

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A Ph. D graduate in Microbiology, residing in Victoria, Australia. Currently working in multiple locations but still in the STEM field. 👀 🦠 🧫 🧬

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