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Second manuscript re-submitted!

Some of you may have been following my posts regarding my second manuscript. I’ve been doing experiments this year to address the comments we got back from our reviewers, and it’s been a tedious endeavour but we’ve finally compiled everything (additional new text, new figures) and sent it back to the journal.

This manuscript is for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. I’ve written before about the structure of a manuscript, the process of submitting, getting the revisions/feedback, and finally the somewhat anxiety inducing wait period that follows.

Hopefully it gets accepted soon, but that’s pretty much the last thing from my Ph. D, done. I probably won’t be able to properly relax until it’s accepted, but it’s nice to have everything compiled at our end for now.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to refresh the re-submission page for updates. Like I always do.


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A Ph. D graduate in Microbiology, residing in Victoria, Australia. Currently working in multiple locations but still in the STEM field. šŸ‘€ šŸ¦  šŸ§« šŸ§¬

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