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Update on the smoke

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I posted earlier today about the smokey haze blanketing the city, which has wafted across from all the bushfires raging across the south east coastline.

I thought I’d also point out that this smoke has permeated through our building- not just in the office spaces but also inside the lab! Thankfully the majority of the stuff we do in my lab won’t be affected by this smoke, but… I can imagine other places with sensitive equipment (like mass spectrometers) would probably detect the smoke in their experimental samples.

If given the choice between actual fire or this smoke, I’d definitely choose the latter, but gee it’s still scary. Puts into perspective how catastrophic these fires are.

I have asthma (mostly triggered from pollen/hay fever), so I need to be extra cautious when walking around outside… or inside, now, I guess.

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