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The clone woes (part 2)

Part 2 of the clone woes (as I’ve dubbed it) is the current update on what’s happening. Just as a reminder from part 1, I’m currently trying to clone three different plasmids. Due to some technical issues involving the restriction enzyme EcoRI, I’ve had to revise my strategy. I got […]

Writing a Ph. D thesis

Ah, yes. The Ph. D thesis. It’s that thing that you have to write and submit, in order to be eligible to graduate and become a Doctor (but not the medical kind). I’ve spoken to quite a few people over the years about writing a thesis. The general consensus has […]

Visualising DNA

So I posted the above meme on Twitter, and it got some good laughs. But while I was cutting my DNA bands after my DNA digestion (please see my previous post on this, but it’s step 5 of the cloning stage), it occurred to me that I could take a […]

The clone woes

This piece is filled with cloning jargon! You have been warned! In a previous post, I explained my upcoming experiments in a bit of detail. Prepare for an update on how that’s all going! FYI highly recommend reading the previous post to make sense of this current one. I’m currently […]

Smoke and moths

So apparently the haze overnight got so bad that Melbourne had the most polluted air in the world! Hooray? I went for a short walk today to attend lab morning tea… I probably only walked 400 m total in the end, but by the time I got back, my throat […]

Moth succession

It’s come to that latter phase of my Ph. D where I’m training others to take on my lab duties… and these include maintaining the moths that I’ve previously posted about. It’s a relief, but also kind of sad… I’ll no longer be the Moth Overlord, sought after from across […]

Update on the smoke

I posted earlier today about the smokey haze blanketing the city, which has wafted across from all the bushfires raging across the south east coastline. I thought I’d also point out that this smoke has permeated through our building- not just in the office spaces but also inside the lab! […]

Smoke cover

We had a couple days respite from the smoke here in Melbourne, but today it’s back. I can’t imagine how bad it is on site, if the smoke is this bad all the way over here. Stay safe, everyone.