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It’s beginning to feel a lot like…

With just a week to go until Christmas, everyone in the lab is either in a ‘gotta get these experiments done ASAP’ mood, or just already in holiday mode (there is also the third option, which is, ‘what holiday?’- but we’ll leave those guys alone). It’s also feeling a lot […]

Clinging on like glue

So, I did say I was thesis writing (ie. entered writing phase), but… you know how experiments can go? Things don’t work, you have some extra things to do in anticipation of reviewer comments, and you find yourself back in the lab doing experiments again! Hence the sudden quiet as […]

Manuscript number 2 submitted!

Finally submitted that second manuscript I’ve been working on since August-September! There was a slight delay while I was on leave during October, but we got there! Obviously this is now a waiting game while we hear back from the journal, but fingers crossed it’s not too painful a process. […]