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‘I love you’, scientist style

Twitter is where all the scientists are at.

I came across the above tweet from @PixScienceCo and replied with one of my own phrases, and wondered how many more I could come up with. If you have more, do feel free to leave comments!

  • ‘Do you want me to make up the media/reagent for you? I have time now?’
  • ‘I can split those cells for you?’
  • ‘Do you need any plates taken out over the weekend? I’ll be in anyway’
  • ‘I’ll grab those (insert lab consumables) from Stores/media prep’
  • ‘I can take the recycling down’/’I’ll help with the waste’
  • ‘(insert equipment) is broken, but I can (attempt to) fix it for you’
  • ‘I’ll talk to the reps’
  • ‘I grabbed all these freebies (food or otherwise) from the trade display stall, just for you’
  • ‘I bought you a coffee’/’I filled your water bottle’
  • ‘I can harvest those samples for you later if you need to dash off?’
  • ‘Here, take my ethanol-resistant marker’
  • ‘I can sit through a practice run of your talk (and give valuable feedback)’
  • ‘I can proof-read (professional email, manuscript, etc) for you?’
  • ‘I will teach you how to do (experiment)’
  • ‘Wanna lunch together?’ – oh man that’s sad
  • ‘I made an extra gel, did you want to use it?’
  • ‘I’m going to the -80 (degrees freezer farm, four floors away), did you want me to grab anything?’
    • ‘I’ll come with you to keep you company’
  • ‘I’m done, but I’m just going to sit here with you and keep you company’/’I’m just gonna talk shit with you’

But by far the most ‘I love you’ thing in our lab?

  • ‘Sure! You can use my pipettes!’

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A Ph. D graduate in Microbiology, residing in Victoria, Australia. Currently working in multiple locations but still in the STEM field. 👀 🦠 🧫 🧬

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