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That time of year again

Courtesy of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) comics

I definitely don’t miss exams, but while the rest of the University student cohort are in a state of misery, there’s also a lot that are trying to figure out what to do next.

So, for those that missed it, these are some previous posts of mine that may help you decide whether you want to pursue further studies in research (and if so, how to go about deciding where and who to contact):

Not sure whether to pursue the #LabLife?

Not sure which lab to pick (especially when you’re not really sure where you want to be)?

Want to know what a typical day as a Ph. D student is like?

Want to know what the overall lab hierarchy is like?

What exactly does ‘doing a Ph. D’ involve?

‘I don’t care about any of that- let me just enjoy those science comics you so love!’

Hope these help!

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A Ph. D graduate in Microbiology, residing in Victoria, Australia. Currently working in multiple locations but still in the STEM field. 👀 🦠 🧫 🧬

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