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Thesis writing!

I’ve hit the writing phase of my Ph. D! It’s been going on for the last few weeks, but boy am I loving the night owl routine. I’m generally not mentally alert until after 10 am of a day, so it’s nice to start a little later and work a […]

Science = team effort

Just because someone is a scientific researcher, doesn’t mean they know about every scientific field under the sun. Seems a given- especially when you’re in the thick of it- but I guess you forget that most people don’t really know that’s how things work. If you watch TV shows or […]

That time of year again

I definitely don’t miss exams, but while the rest of the University student cohort are in a state of misery, there’s also a lot that are trying to figure out what to do next. So, for those that missed it, these are some previous posts of mine that may help […]

Living arrangements

This title is sure to freak out my housemate (hey man!)! Whether it be living at home, renting, or living in the lab (hah hah… god I hope not), we all need a place to live while we do our studies. The inspiration to write this piece popped up as […]

First day back

Good news: I can still hold a pipette and open tubes with my non-dominant hand without looking. Bad news: I brought back some fortune telling keychain charms for my lab mates. 4 out of the 6 (including myself) that checked what their luck was like today got ‘worst luck’ as […]

Back to work…

Had a very lovely break from everything while I’ve been on holiday for the past few weeks. Aside from the constant feelings of guilt (was supposed to be way more productive than I have been), it was really nice to see some family and amazing scenery. Seriously- AMAZING. Now to […]