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What do bacterial pathogens eat? – On the importance of basic research

When I tell people I work on bacteria, the general conversation ends up flowing like this. ‘What bacteria do you work on? What illness does it cause?’ ‘Does that mean you’re going to find a cure?’ ‘Maybe you’ll win a Nobel Prize?’ *cue awkward laughter* Many infectious disease research labs […]

Calm amidst the storm?

I’ve decided to run away for a short holiday. Admittedly I’ll be trying to write yet another scientific paper while I’m away, but hopefully it’ll still be a nice break from the lab. It’s definitely a good thing to take appropriate breaks along the way. Definitely gonna miss my own […]

Family Support

This is me explaining my week to my mum. At least she listens intently and is curious about what I do. I know many don’t have that luxury and family support. #PhDLife Also 100 points to anyone who can actually interpret what I told her/what I’m up to. 😂

Westerns continued

I’ve upgraded my system to Falcon tubes and rollers now. Each tube contains two strips of western blots- they just have different strains of bacteria on each, but I’m looking for the same specific protein across all of them, so they can be in the same tube. Either way, it’s […]