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Westerns, westerns, westerns

Nope, not those kinds of westerns. THESE kinds of westerns are for looking at proteins! Technically they’re called western blots. There’s also such things as northern blots, southern blots, and eastern blots, but I’ve never done them myself. Western blots like these ones let me see specific proteins of interest […]

Moth infections, and on naming things.

Did more infections in the Galleria yesterday for a collaboration. Sometimes you’ll gain skills in your Ph. D that will help someone else’s work, so you end up spending a lot of time teaching other people or doing experiments for other people because you have an expertise in something specific. […]

Spring is in the air

As I semi-sprint toward the end of my Ph. D (I mean- I plan to finish experiments in the next few weeks, but… plans don’t always work out in science), the seasons are a changing, and my Ginkgo tree is sprouting new leaves again. In my mind they’re teeny little […]

Project ’writing’ – progress

A couple months ago I posted about having been MIA due to writing commitments. In a subsequent post, I wrote about the process of writing and submitting scientific manuscripts for peer-review in scientific journals. WELL- we’ve just been informed that the manuscript has been accepted for publication! Finally, a paper […]

Hobbies 2

I posted a little while ago about the importance of having hobbies while doing a Ph. D. I dabble in gardening, but my main hobby is cooking. It helps me unwind and relax, and, unlike experiments, generally turns out pretty good (and delicious!).

With friends like these…

It’s time for my first official appreciation post. With such a grim (and pretty accurate) picture painted in the comic, it’s absolutely critical to make sure you have a good support network around you when you’re doing your Ph. D or are working in the academic field. Whether it be […]


Patience is a virtue… and it’s something I’m not good at- especially when it’s about something that’s out of my hands. I currently have a manuscript undergoing revisions at a scientific journal, and I find myself refreshing the progress page quite frequently. I’m hoping it’ll get accepted soon, but I […]