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Lab Hierarchy

If asked, I will say I “work” in a lab, even though I’m just a student. I’m “studying”, but I do experiments and try to publish papers. It’s like an apprenticeship. You’re still a wee baby, but you’re also working at the same time. But, while I’m not actually employed […]


Been a bit MIA of late while I’ve been writing a scientific paper for publication… But I’ve also been procrastinating by adopting new hobbies! For instance… Turns out, all these years of upping my dexterity game has paid off big time when it comes to DIY miniature houses! I’ve always […]

Scientific conferences *dramatic music*

If you’ve been reading my latest posts, you’ll see that I’m attending a scientific conference at the moment.Buuuuut… what is a scientific conference? I remember they were pretty mysterious when I was an undergraduate student, so this is an explanation of what it is, and how I spend my conferences […]