In The Beginning…

Well, this has been a long time coming, but to you, having somehow stumbled across this page – welcome to this corner of the internet!

This page is essentially a place where I can talk about my thoughts after a few years in the field of Bacteriology as a research student. Part informative, part cathartic/stress relief, and part career move (hello… adulting). I sort of want this to be humorous and educational.

Please bear with me as I figure out how to internet/webpage… In the mean time, please enjoy the above image made by me on Illustrator, depicting a bacterial pathogen eating some chicken (an analogy for this particular pathogen’s ability to consume amino acids readily while within the host cell).


  1. How come you never told me you had a blog? Anyway I’ve found it now. This is not my real name and my name is undercover to repel trolls. Now I will trawl through all and make random comment.

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