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Dexterity and bonus teeny lab equipment

Dexterity is definitely an important requirement when it comes to lab work. That being said, if you find your hands are shaking while pipetting, or everything is a bit fumbly… trust me, you’ll get better. Some people (including myself *humble brag*) had a natural knack for it, but even if […]

Choosing the right lab for you

“Which lab should I choose?” This is another common question I get from undergraduate students looking to go into Honours/Masters. Here’s what I usually end up telling them. Writing as a wet-lab based Bacteriology Ph. D student residing in Australia. Usually by the time students are choosing to study Honours […]


โ€œWeather looks great!โ€ she said, looking out from a window while going upstairs to get her bacterial strains, so that she can return to the depths of the lab and continue her indoor life. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜… #PhDLife Nothing profound… just a typical day.

How did I become #PhDLife? (part 1)

What made me decide to do a Ph. D, and how did I even get here in the first place? Writing as a wet-lab based Bacteriology Ph. D student residing in Australia. Without trying to sound too “impostor syndrome”, I never thought I would do postgraduate studies straight after undergrad. […]

Is research/lab right for you…?

I teach a lot. Mostly to undergraduate students, but occasionally to high school and postgraduate students as well. At the end of every teaching stint, there’s always at least one or two students who stick around to ask me questions about what steps they could take to pursue a research […]

In The Beginning…

Well, this has been a long time coming, but to you, having somehow stumbled across this page – welcome to this corner of the internet! This page is essentially a place where I can talk about my thoughts after completing my Ph. D in the field of Bacteriology. Part informative, […]